donderdag, 26 november 2009

Don’t kid yourself

Daan verwoordt maar eens weer perfect de emoties en gedachten van de voorbije dagen …

if you try to be an icon
then the icon becomes you
if you try to be a model
it'll catwalk over you
if you try to walk in straight shoes
then these shoes will bend you too
if you try to be a kid again
the kid will kidnap you

you know it's true
the guy you know well that's just you
and there is nothing you can do
just like a door you can't get through
when there is no-one left to fool
don't go and drown in that old pool
don't kid yourself

so don't try to be an icon
con the i inside of you
that picture you've been painting
doesn't look a thing like you
i'll agree that it's a nice try
but when your paint is dry
we are all just little icons
super you and super i
you know it's true...

i need someone to show me
just what i threw away
i need a pretty angel
to present it on a tray
you've never liked the icon
said that guy looked pretty strange
but you've never tried to change me
and that's how came to change
you know it's true...

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OP DAAN Kei mooi
Dank om ons te laten mee luisteren!!
Goed weekend gewenst.

Gepost door: Ma Elly | donderdag, 26 november 2009

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daan heel schoon en heel waar en heel toepasselijk...

Gepost door: tricky | maandag, 30 november 2009

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